Divorce Settlement

Because divorce doesn’t have to hurt so bad.

Divorce is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever go through, even if it was your idea or it’s the best thing for everyone. Separating your life from someone that you’ve been with for years is emotionally, physically, and logistically difficult.

The team at Steve&Burns has a single commitment, to protect everyone involved as best we can. We work toward balanced and favorable agreements on your behalf.

Once the lawyers start talking, you can find yourself buried in the minutiae of taking your life apart and finding a way to put it back together. The cool heads and calm attitudes of the pros at Steve&Burns can ensure that you get a fair shake and that all the agreements made are as equitable as possible, while making sure we protect you, our client.

Because divorce doesn’t have to hurt so bad.

We handle the divorce Settlement process with the same professionalism and skill we do our business consulting.

  1. Find the best divorce attorney in your area. We research every attorney in your area and find the person best able to protect you.
  2. Gather details and get the information together. We help you provide the attorney with everything, so not a single item or issue is forgotten in the negotiations.
  3. Read through and validate the agreement. Because we’re part of the process, we’re able to make sure that everything that was said is in the agreement.
  4. Asset identification and division. We help you locate all the marital assets and recommend the division we think is equitable.
  5. Custody and visitation for minor children. One of the hardest places to come to agreement is over the children. We help you find the right solutions and explain what’s best for the kids.
  6. Review and polish the agreements. When it’s all done, we make sure every word is 100% in line with your expectations and your rights.

The team of divorce settlement at Steve&Burns is here to make sure your divorce is the fresh start you’d hoped for, not an on-going nightmare that lasts for decades.

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