Bankruptcy Consultation

Bankruptcy is not an end; it's a fresh start.

Bankruptcy is a major decision that should be made carefully and executed flawlessly.

With the right team, you can protect your personal assets, expedite your bankruptcy, and move on with your life with as little disruption as possible.

It would be great if you could pay all your debts, but sometimes, bankruptcy is the only option.

We help you decide if bankruptcy is the right answer for you.

Bankruptcy is not an end; it's a fresh start.
The Bankruptcy Consultation Process

The Bankruptcy Consultation Process

  1. Help finding the best bankruptcy attorney in your area. The right person in the driver’s seat can save you thousands of dollars.
  2. Consultation appointment to review your bankruptcy. We look at it from every angle looking for ways to protect your assets.
  3. Filing with the court. We assist your attorney with filing, guaranteeing that the paperwork is complete and protects your assets, especially the personal ones.
  4. The court makes decisions. The judge often works with you to decide if you can repay your debts or if they should be liquidated.
  5. Deby discharge. The final step is the discharge of your debt and the dawn of a new day.

Most bankruptcy rejections are caused by attorney error, mistakes in the paperwork that the court won’t tolerate. Our team not only helps you find the best in business to do your bankruptcy paperwork, but we negotiate on your behalf for the best deal and review every document.

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